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Chris Manka
Helping Your Business Trade Internationally

Hi Chris, Thanks for you great insights in your Monday Morning Export Focus. As a result of the information you have given us we have gut appointed a new distributor in Eastern Europe.
Simon, Timeware UK, Rochdale.

Firstly let me thank you for the interesting newsletter we receive from. It has been very helpful.
Slovenia Nigeria Chamber Of Commerce

I’m member of your newsletter and receiving your articles every Monday. I’m following your articles with very great interest.
Yeşim GÖKALP, Kadinl Ararasi

Hello Chris, I've just read your very interesting article about International Trade between the UK & France, it will be very useful to us
M. Kaouche, France

We offer IT Training & Qualification for people looking to work in the UK. Export Focus has helped us open up in sevral new European Markets. Thank You
Matthew, MBIT Training

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